Online exams in face to face mode

All exam sessions must be held in presence.

The lecturer(s) may arrange for telematic examinations in the classrooms (IT and non-IT) of the University.

The student community is invited to consult the Exam Calendar to check the classroom in the Department/Center where they will be held.

Partial tests

Partial tests, intended as in-progress tests, the sum of whose results counts as an examination that will later be verbalized, can be held in both face-to-face and distance modes, as the lecturer wishes. They are distinguished into:

  • online partial tests in face-to-face mode – these can be held either in a computer room or in a classroom.  The exam instructions are the same as those for online exams using the university computer rooms or classrooms;
  • online partial tests in distance mode – here the lecturer can decide whether to use Safe Exam Browser Browser or not, and whether to use the monitoring option.

No support is available from DOL during the exam.