Online exams in face to face mode

As declared by the Dean, exams from September 2021 must be held in face-to-face mode, apart from the exceptions mentioned in the email of June 18th 2021.
The lecturer can organise online exams using the university computer rooms and classrooms.
Students can consult the exam calendar to see whether an exam is to be held in face-to-face or distance mode.  All face-to-face exams will be held in a classroom of the relevant department or centre.  

Partial tests

Unlike exams, partial tests are to be considered an opportunity for self-evaluation and can be held in both face-to-face and distance modes, as the lecturer wishes:
•    online partial tests in face-to-face mode – these can be held either in a computer room or in a classroom.  The exam instructions are the same as those for online exams using the university computer rooms or classrooms;
•    online partial tests in distance mode – here the lecturer can decide whether to use Lockdown Browser or not, and whether to use the monitoring option.

No support is available from DOL during the exam.