Online exams in distance mode

All exam sessions must be held in presence 

Limited to those students who fall into the category of students unable to attend, academic institutions may allow the lecturer to hold the oral part at the distance.

Partial tests

Partial tests, intended as in-progress tests, the sum of whose results counts as an examination that will later be verbalized, can be held in both face-to-face and distance modes, as the lecturer wishes. They are distinguished into:

  • online partial tests in face-to-face mode – these can be held either in a computer room or in a classroom.  The exam instructions are the same as those for online exams using the university computer rooms or classrooms;
  • online partial tests in distance mode – here the lecturer can decide whether to use Safe Exam Browser Browser or not, and whether to use the monitoring option.

Detailed information about the different types of exams that could be held at a distance can be found on the specific pages:

No support is available during the exam.