Online exams in distance mode

From Wednesday 1 September 2021 exams will be in person and will be held remotely only for:

  • students with a disability and vulnerable students, 
  • students who tested positive for Covid, 
  • students who are quarantined, 
  • students who are unable to leave a place because of restrictions, 
  • students who are unable to be present on the day of the exam because they have scheduled their vaccine appointment on the same day or on the preceding or following day. 

Students who are unable to attend an in person exam can arrange to take exams remotely and are required to provide a justification.

All students are invited to check the exam calendar to find out if exams will be in person or not; all face-to-face exams are listed with the Department/Centre classroom where they will take place.

Detailed information about the different formats of online exams are available at these pages: