Exams in a normal classroom (not a computer room)

Set up

In this set up the student takes the exam on his/her own laptop computer in a normal university classroom (not a computer room), where there is a good wi-fi connection.  The student answers test questions with either open or closed answers using the university Moodle site  https://esamionline.unitn.it/my/
To ensure students are unable to access the Internet during the exam, the lecturer must use Safe Exam Browser, which every student needs to download and install onto his/her own device.  
If one/one or more students do not own a laptop (note that there is a free loan service of PCs at the University), the exam will need to be done on paper.

Before the exam

The lecturer must:

•    book a university classroom, following the relevant procedure required by the department;
•    inform students of the day and time of the exam using the usual channels (Esse3, Moodle notice board, message from lecturer);
•    upload the test to the Moodle platform on the exam page of the course https://esamionline.unitn.it/my/;
•    check with DOL that the correct settings  have been created well in advance of the exam date, in particular: the date, the starting and finishing times of the exam, allowing access to the exam via the Esse3 enrolment list (or some other previously arranged means), and the use of safe Exam Browser to block Internet access.

Students must:
  • enrol in the exam via Esse3 or whatever means decided by the lecturer;
  • inform the lecturer well beforehand if they do not have a laptop computer;
  • arrive on the day of the exam at the correct time, with an identity document;
  • prepare their own laptop well beforehand, downloading safe Exam Browser (download it here) and checking it is working by carrying out a simulation (https://esamionline.unitn.it/course/view.php?id=120)

The guidelines regarding Safe Exam Browser for both lecturers and students can be accessed here 

During the exam

Students must stay in the place they have been assigned. The lecturer will inform the students whether they can use extra support, such as dictionaries, calculators etc.
For the duration of the exam, the students must:

  • not use any documents or support tools, except for those allowed by the lecturer or examining panel;
  • do as requested by the lecturer to ensure the smooth running of the exam;
  • inform the lecturer immediately if a technical problem arises;
  • send the test when the exam time is up.
Support during the exam

No support is available from DOL or the computer centre.