Distance learning

For the 2021/2022 academic year, it is Trento University’s intention to guarantee face-to-face classes for all students.
The university wants to provide a quality learning experience to all students, and this also includes those who are not able to attend in person.   Distance learning will not result in a decrease in numbers in face-to-face lectures, since students will be motivated by the personal interaction that attending classes provides, as well as by the opportunity to use the university’s facilities and services.
Attending university classes will also provide opportunities for socialising and give students the positive experience of actively participating in classes and lectures.  
For each course, the lecturer will plan how best to give support to non-attending students, taking into account the nature of the course, its content and students’ preferences.  As well as providing recordings of lectures, other strategies the lecturer may use include:

•    Sharing  material, such as lecture slides and notes, exercises, and extra reading on lecture topics
•    Online Zoom group meetings during the course to provide support for non-attending students
•     Peer-tutoring, where groups of students carry out online activities, such as doing exercises, reading articles and giving presentations, to provide opportunities for non-attending students to participate in engaging activities that promote social interaction.

On the Moodle site for each course, the lecturer will explain the tasks and methods which he/she intends to use to involve non-attending students.  Students are therefore asked to check the relevant Moodle pages of their courses using the following link:

Also as regards the exams, from September 2021 they will be carried out in the presence, except for the cases detailed in the communication of the Rector of 18 June 2021.