Wooclap is a student response application aimed at encouraging class participation with more than 15 types of interactive questions and allows users to see the results in real time, thus fostering a diverse and fun experience.

Wooclap can be used in a presential, distance or hybrid setting, and it is integrated with Moodle, Zoom, Power point and Google slides. 

From January 2023 lecturers and students beloging to UniTrento can use a Wooclap campus license to create questions and presentations.

The application is now integrated with the University's authentication system, so you can log in with your UniTrento account from the Wooclap site > Sign in> Connect through an institution > by selecting University of Trento from the drop-down menu.

Webinar on using Wooclap

The recording of the webinars (held on 2 Februay and 10 March) are available in the Moodle course Tools for innovative teaching.