Respondus - students

Downloading Respondus and accessing the exam

Can I install the software on more than one computer?

Yes, you can install Respondus on multiple computers.

Can I access the exam even if I am not registered in Esse3?

No, you can not. You must have registered for the exam on Esse3. 

I launched Respondus, but I can not access the exam. Why?

The software has to be launched from the exam page. You must follow this order:

  • access the exam page on with a normal browser
  • select the quiz (click on the checkbox icon)
  • the quiz will ask you to launch Respondus LockDown Browser by clicking on a blue button.
During the exam I get the following error message: "A mandatory parameter (cmid) is missing".

The problem may be caused by an interference from antivirus/antimalware software or firewall. Try to temporarily deactivate or uninstall them during the exam. If this does not solve the problem, it may be a blockage by the Internet connection router: try connecting to a different network, e.g. by hotspotting your mobile phone. At each new attempt, close the browser and repeat the procedure.

Can I leave the test page?

You can not leave the test page until you have answered all the questions and definitively submitted the answers.

The exam I must take is made up of two parts (two quizzes). Once the first part (first quiz) is finished, I cannot access the second part (second quiz). Why?

Take the first quiz and submit the answers. Then close Respondus and, with your normal browser (without Respondus), return to the course home page. Here, select the second part of the exam and access the quiz with Respondus.

Does the software block only the applications I can see (i.e. those with a graphical interface) or even those in the background?

The system blocks all applications, even those in the background (such as Skype), which could allow you to violate the security and the integrity of the exam.

Could the software cause other applications to crash by forcing them to close or to overwrite data not related to Respondus?

When you launch Respondus LockDown Browser, it is reported the name of the applications that will be closed; for each application, you are prompted for confirmation before closing them. When in doubt, you can refuse to give consent, close LockDown Browser and return to your desktop, so that you can manually close the reported applications.
Our advice is to close all the other applications before launching Respondus, especially if you have unsaved documents open.

Does Respondus somehow stay active in the background when not in use and send data to some server?

Once Respondus is closed, all monitoring and control operations are terminated, and the system does not remain active in the background.

Does Respondus leave traces once uninstalled or is it completely removed?

The program and all its files are completely removed.

I am prevented from accessing or LockDown Browser closes every time I try to launch it. Why?

We have found an incompatibility with Bit Defender antivirus software. If it is installed on your PC, we recommend disabling it before taking an online exam; you can reactivate it after the exam has ended.

Respondus - Devices and operating systems

I have a Lenovo laptop and I can not access the identification procedures with Respondus. Why?

Respondus is incompatible with some webcam drivers, including the Realtek driver used by Lenovo webcams.
Possible solutions are published at the following links:

Is Respondus compatible with Linux?

Respondus is not compatible with Linux. We recommend temporarily acquiring a computer with Windows or Mac operating system. If that is not possible, it is essential to immediately inform the teacher.

Respondus  - White screen

I get a white screen on “Webcam Check” during the initial 9 steps, or during the exam.

It is usually due to one of the following causes:

1. Your computer is blocking the access to Respondus.
In this case you should loosen the control of your antivirus and firewall and try to start the examination again. Once the exam is finished, you can restore the antivirus and firewall security levels.
If this does not work, try using another network (e.g. cell phone hotspot).

2. You have logged out of Moodle.
In this case, leave the exam, reconnect to and resume the interrupted exam.

3. You are connected to multiple monitors.
Disconnect additional monitors and open LockDown Browser when connected to the main monitor.

Respondus - LockDown Browser

I downloaded Respondus LockDown Browser, but once launched it gives me problems with Chrome and asks me to close it.

Respondus activates a browser of its own, and it is normal for it to ask you to close all other applications, including Chrome. The program should be launched only when requested by the quiz and not before entering the quiz page.

Respondus - Automatic recognition procedure

How does recognition work?

During the automatic recognition procedure, the system asks to show an identity document.

You must place the document in front of the webcam to make the photo, name, surname and date of birth clearly visible.

During the identification procedure, the system does not recognise my face.

Your face must be perfectly recognisable by the system. Make sure you are well lit, avoid backlighting, adjust the framing of the webcam.

Can I launch the program and do the identification procedures in advance of the official exam start time?

No, you can not. It will be possible to access the identification procedure only from the exam start time indicated in Esse3.
The time available for the exam will be calculated only from the moment you start answering the questions. The time taken for identification is not subtracted from the time available for the examination.

Respondus - Connection problems

What are the bandwidth requirements for using Respondus?

Respondus requires a good and stable connection. It is recommended to use a wired connection and to check the connection speed, possibly carrying out an online speed test (for example with
The minimum bandwidth required for good connection is 130 Kbps. For further details see the following page.

My internet connection is unstable, what can I do?

We recommend that you check early enough whether your connection is stable. If not, you can use your mobile phone's connection via hotspot, if you find it more reliable. You will place your mobile phone far away from your desk.

What should I do if I my connection drops?

Restore the connection as soon as possible (even by using your mobile phone’s hotspot), connect again to the quiz and resume the exam from where you left it.
You will have to go through the identification process again.
If the connection drops, you lose at least 5 minutes.
Briefly explain what is going on by talking directly into the microphone. Once the quiz is finished you must write an email to the teacher to inform him/her that you had connection problems.
Respondus reports to the teacher that a connection interruption was detected.

If I lose connection, will I fail the exam?

No. Close Respondus, restore the connection and follow the instructions in the previous FAQ "What should I do if I my connection drops?”.

Respondus - Simulation test

Can I do a test to understand how Respondus works?

Before taking an exam with Respondus, you must download the program and test its operation by doing one or more test quizzes at the link:
You must install Respondus and perform all tests a few days before the exam, so that you will have time to solve any problems if something does not work.

Repsondus - Anomalies

If the system detects an anomaly, what happens?

Go ahead with the exam. The system records all the videos from all the webcams of the connected students and, once the exam is over, it presents the recordings to the teacher, indicating in which recordings and when it has detected suspicious behaviour.
The teacher will later check the students' videos. He/she can also choose to view the recordings in which no anomalies have been detected.

Does the system detect all my movements as anomalous?

No, it does not. The system always records everything that is framed by the camera, but does not report all movements as anomalous. An involuntary movement of the head, for example, will not be reported to the teacher as a suspicious behaviour. However, if an anomaly is reported to the teacher, it will not be reported to the student during the exam.

If I take my eyes off the monitor, I drink, a train passes or I cough, will the system consider my behaviour as anomalous and stop the exam?

During the exam each student's action is recorded and will be checked by the teacher. Respondus does not stop the exam, it simply records the session and reports any suspicious behaviour onto the teacher's dashboard. The teacher is solely responsible for evaluating suspicious behaviour.
At the link you can read the guidelines and learn more about the steps that you have to follow.

Respondus - Privacy

What data in my browser does Respondus access to?

It is an independent browser, a custom derivation of Chromium. In LockDown Browser there is therefore no information on the typical navigation of the user, since it is only used for examination. The company declares and guarantees the correct use of the data at the following links:

How are exams' audios and videos managed by the university (are they treated by third parties)? How long is the collected stored?

On the processing of personal data necessary for conducting online exams during the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency, including Respondus, you can read the privacy policy published on the following page:

When I access the quiz I get the message: "There is a problem with the settings for this exam. Please notify your instructor that they need to access the LockDown Browser dashboard once in the new course to fix this problem".

It is a configuration of your computer, probably related to Windows 8.

There is currently no solution. Therefore, you need to get another computer or make arrangements with the teacher on a different examination method.