Exams in a computer room

These instructions are  for written exams which are held using Moodle (quiz) in one of the university’s computer rooms.  Invigilation is by the lecturer and assistants.  

Exam setting

In this exam setting students write their exams on a computer in a university computer room which has been set up for this task. The students answer a test (quiz) with closed and/or open questions using Moodle https://esamionline.unitn.it/my/ .

In this type of exam, the quiz is set up using an IP address check so it can only be taken using the computers in one particular computer room, and students are not able to access the internet.  

The lecturer invigilates the exam by being present in the room for the whole of the exam.  

Once finished, students send the completed test by clicking ‘send’ at the bottom of the screen, which saves their answers.  If the allotted time should end before this occurs, the computer system will automatically save the answers that have been written.


Each session can involve a large number of students since it is possible to book the computer room for several consecutive sittings of the exam.

Instructions for lecturers and students

Before the exam

Well before the exam session, the following procedures need to be carried out by lecturers and students: 

Lecturers need to:

  • read the guidelines for the management of exams in a computer room setting (please see the document at the end of this page);
  • book the computer room(s) following the procedure used in their department;
  • inform students of the date and time of the exam via the usual channels (Esse3, Moodle noticeboard, message from lecturer);
  • put the test in Moodle on the exam page for the relevant course  https://esamionline.unitn.it/my/;
  • check well beforehand with the DOL office the correct details of the exam, in particular the date, starting and finishing times, access via enrolled students in Esse3 (or other previously arranged procedures), room number and browser control settings.


Students need to:

  • enrol for the exam session in Esse3 or via whatever means decided by the lecturer;
  • arrive on the day at the appropriate time with an identity document. 

During the exam students must:

  • work at their allotted computer.  The lecturer will explain the use of any permitted extra material, such as dictionaries and calculators;
  • avoid using any material or technology, unless clearly allowed by the lecturer or examination panel;
  • do everything required of them to ensure the smooth running of the exam;
  • inform the lecturer in the event of technical problems;
  • send the test when the allotted time is over.