Plagiarism Detection Service

Trento University has decided to adopt ‘Turnitin’ service to detect student plagiarism.  This decision was taken after careful evaluation by a working group consisting of the Dean’s Delegate for Open Access and anti-plagiarism policies, the university’s Legal Office, the Privacy Office, the Office for Research Results, the Online Teaching Office of the Teaching Department, and Student Services.  

‘Turnitin’ (turn-it-in) measures the similarities between a particular student text and texts published online, as well as millions of academic articles.  The software identifies possible plagiarism by calculating the percentage of the student’s work which can be found word for word in online texts or in the academic articles kept in the programme’s database, and provides a source for each of the copied sections.  The fact that a source text has been found does not necessarily mean that it has been copied.  Nevertheless, the number of sources found is a good way of judging the originality of a piece of written work.

It is important to understand that the aim of checking a student’s work for plagiarism is not to punish him or her.  Rather it should be seen as a way of preventing plagiarism and sensitising students to the issues of copyright and intellectual property.   

To make use of this service, lecturers need to send a request to the Online Teaching Office at: uff.didatticaonline [at]

Access is via the authentication page of ‘Turnitin’.

The use of SSO is being set up so it will be possible to access the programme via the lecturer‘s university account.

The programme guidelines are available online.  

For any doubts or difficulties with the programme, please contact the Support Center of ‘Turnitin’.