The Kaltura video platform is meant to provide the teaching staff with a service that will allow them to easily integrate multimedia in own teaching, research and collaborations.

Kaltura allows teachers to:

  • upload, manage and distribute high quality video produced with other systems (e.g. Zoom): this function is available
  • autonomously record lessons with the Kaltura editor. The lesson can incorporate audio with slides or video with slides: this Function is not currently available.

The Kaltura Video module integrated in Moodle allows you to easily add videos to your own Moodle course and distribute them according to the way the authorization was set up when the community was created. 

A tutorial on using Moodle can be found at this link: https://dol.unitn.it/en/moodle

Check the guidelines for how to upload and publish multimedia resources on Moodle (in Italian only).

Help desk: didatticaonline@unitn.it