What kind of connection do I need to have a synchronous Zoom meeting?

We recommend checking your bandwidth speed by going to a website, for example, www.speedtest.net and clicking “go”. The test will give you an analysis of your internet connection in that moment.
If the bandwidth is 2 Mbps in upload it is possible that your Zoom connection will be slow. Ideally the bandwitch should be 6/8 Mbps in upload.  
However, there are many factors which can influence the connection: more than user using the network or having various apps/websites open can also negatively impact speed. We recommend closing other applications when using Zoom. 

How can I schedule a lesson?

Once the Zoom application is open, click on the blue "Schedule" button. Once the scheduling has been completed, Zoom will provide you with a link and ID + password that you can communicate to your students (they can use one or the other to log in).

How should I inform students that I will have a synchronous video lesson?

You can create a “recurring meeting” to be used for the entire course. This will be a virtuall room that you can use anytime. Students will only be able to access it when you start up the meeting at the scheduled time.


Do I need to schedule a meeting for each lesson?

You can create a “recurring meeting” to be used for the entire course. This will be a virtual room that you can use anytime. Students will only be able to access it when you start up the meeting at the scheduled time.

If I have multiple courses, do I need to create multiple meetings?

It isn’t necessary if you create a “recurring meeting”, but it is preferable because it is possible that students from other courses may access the meeting as they have the same meeting information.

Where can I find my scheduled meetings?

In the upper area on the app you will find 4 icons: click on “meetings”. On the left hand side you will find all of your scheduled meetings. 

Can I use the same meeting for office hours with my students?

You should set up your meeting with the waiting room function activated. With this activated, your students can enter the meeting at the established time and wait their turn to access the meeting. 


Can I record my synchronous lessons?

Yes, you can record them on your device, but please keep any student intervention at the end and exclude them from the recording.

N.B.: Do not upload them directly on Moodle because it will weigh down the system too much.

Can students record synchronous lessons?

No, students cannot record them unless you have granted them permission. They see the “record” button, but if they click on it they are notified that they do not have permission to record the lesson.


How can I show students formulas, graphs, etc. on the Whiteboard?

Once you have started the meeting, you will see a “Share Screen” button (green button on the lower bar).

When you click on this you will have the possibility to choose a Whiteboard. You can use this to draw, take notes or write anything you need. 

You can also connect a graphic tablet to your device and share the desktop with participants (Share screen, then screen)

You can also use an iPad as a graphics tablet. The iPad and the PC must be connected on the same wireless network. Download the app “educreations” from the Apple Store and once in the meeting click on Share screen, then Phone/iPad.


Can I use an external microphone?

Yes, you can select it when the meeting starts up. In the lower bar on the lefthand side next to the microphone icon, you can expand the menu and choose the desired device.


Can I share slides or other documents with my students during lessons?

Open the file on your PC and once you start the meeting click on the green “share screen” button on the lower bar. Select the file.

Sometimes when I’m in a Zoom meeting my image and/or audio breaks up. What can I do?

It may be a connection problem. To improve connection quality, we recommend only keeping Zoom open and closing any unnecessary apps or browsers which may be using bandwidth (email, websites, etc.)

Can I make a participant the host?

Yes. When you enter in the meeting and see the participant list, click on “more” next to the participants name and then click “Make Host”.


I’d like to work in groups with my students. Can I do that on Zoom?

Yes. Entering Zoom through the website (and not the App), you can acitivate the Breakout rooms options in the setting. Using breakout rooms you can divide students into groups. 

Do participants have permission to share documents?

Yes, each participant can do it. They must click on the green “share screen” on the lower bar and select the document they want to share.


I’d like to record a meeting. How much space will this take up on my computer?

An hour of video recording is about 200 MB. However, this depends on what is shared on the screen and the recording settings of the account. 
If you share videos, images and they are recorded in high definition, the recording files will be larger. 

If I want to record my video lesson, will my students be notified?

Yes, if the settings have been set up correctly before creating the meeting by going to to the Zoom website (using UniTrento credentials) and clicking on the lefthand side menu. 

Click on Recording on the horizontal menu and then on Recording Disclaimer. Set up Ask partecipants for consent when a recording starts.

When recording starts, participants will receive a notification and can give their consense to recording and continue or leave the meeting.

When I share my desktop the students say they can’t here the audio. Why is this?

When you share your desktop (Share Screen, then Screen), you need to select the box in the lower lefthand corner Share computer sound. In this way the audio for the resource that you are about to share (ex. a Youtube video) will be available for all students. 

Can I create a waiting room when I set up a meeting, deciding who to admit?

Yes, of course. When creating a meeting, a virtual waiting room (Waiting room) can be activated in order to prevent participants from accessing the meeting (Main room) until the teacher/host will allow it. This ensures greater security and user control. However, a specific setting must be enabled in the Settings on the Zoom site.

When the teacher logs in to his/her meeting he/she will see the participants enter the Waiting room. By clicking on the Manage Participants button at the bottom of the bar, the teacher will see a complete list of participants, then they can be admitted individually by selecting the blue Admit command next to their name, or all together with the Admit All option at the top right.