How do I open my online Moodle course?

Go to Gestione Corsi (GeCo) (Manage Courses, in Italian only) from the link or with the ‘Gestione Corsi online’ (Online Courses Management) widget, which you will find in MyUnitn.
Login with your university account and follow the guided procedure which will allow you to activate your course in a few simple steps and choose the category of user you want to be able to gain access.

Can I copy material published in a previous academic year's online course?

If you want to copy material from one academic year to another, or if you want a specific course configuration, write to uff.didatticaonline [at] Staff at Didattica OnLine will duplicate your material.

How do I upload material for my students?

Go to your online course, click on the slider in the top right, then click on ‘Attiva modifica’ (Activate Modify). Click on ‘Aggiungi un’attività o una risorsa’ (Add an activity or a resource), select the file or folder (according to how you want to organize the material) and follow the instructions given. 
If you have any difficulty, have a look at the tutorial or contact Didattica OnLine.

How can I send information to all the students on the course?

If you are using Moodle, you can use the Forum Annunci (Announcements Forum), which is created by default in all online courses and allows the teacher to post messages to inform students. Notification that a message has been posted is emailed automatically from Moodle to the students who have entered at least once in the online course.

How can I send a personalized message to one of my students?

Go to the Partecipanti (Participants list) of your online course; look for and select the name of the student you want to send a message to; at the bottom of the page you'll find “Con gli utenti selezionati” (With selected students), and in the drop down menu select “Invia un messaggio” (Send a message).

How can I add a student to the course?

Look at the tutorial that explains how to add a student manually in Moodle.

I can't access the online course that I am an assistant teacher on. What should I do?

If you are not the named person responsible for the course in Esse3, contact Didattica OnLine so you can be added to the online course. You need to provide the course name and code and the name of the teacher responsible for the course. 

What do I have to do to organize an online exam?

If you want to organize an online exam, we would kindly ask you to read the guidelines 

and then contact Didattica OnLine at least 3 weeks before the date of the exam so the whole process can be planned.


How can I access online courses?

Follow these steps:

  1. Install the “accesso ai corsi online” ("access online courses)" on the MyUnitn website or go to the page
  2. Select the option "Sei uno studente?" ("Are you a student?)" and enter with your UniTrento credentials
  3. Click on "Corsi online ai quali sei iscritto" ("Your online courses") and search for the course you want to join. If you don’t see it, click on "Corsi online ai quali potresti iscriverti" ("Online courses which you may enrol on") and search for the course
  4. Once you have found the course, clicking on the course title. 
Why can’t I access the course which interests me?

If you can’t access an online course, it may be because you are in a degree program which is not authorized to access that course or because you haven’t completed payment for university tuition or fees. We recommend writing to the Didattica Online office (uff.didatticaonline [at] to check on your situation. 

Why can’t I access an online course from a past academic year?

The courses from previous academic years are archived. Access is only granted to archived courses to those who accessed the online course at least once during the academic year it was held in. All others cannot automatically access the course and must be manually added by the Didattica Online office. Write to: uff.didatticaonline [at] 

I’m a tutor and I can’t access the online courses.

You can’t access the online courses ( because your role as a tutor conflicts with your student role.

Write to uff.didatticaonline [at] to gain access privileges. Please note both the course number and title and the name of the professor. 

I’m enrolled on single courses and I can’t access their respective online courses. What do I need to do?

Write to uff.didatticaonline [at] to get access to the courses.

I’m enrolled on single courses and I can’t access their respective online courses. What do I need to do?

Write to uff.didatticaonline [at] to get access to the courses.