Moodle is an open source LMS (Learning Management System) for the management of online courses, fully integrated with the UniTrento's authentication systems.
Students can access online courses based on the activities included in their booklet and on the teacher's policies.

Moodle tutorial for teachers

UniTrento teachers can create the courses related to their learning activities using the the Course Management page (GeCo):

  • log in with your UniTrento account 
  • click on the create button next to the course name
  • follow the wizard in order to complete course creation.

Step 1 - How to set up the Moodle Quiz - video tutorial for teachers (only in Italian)

Step 2 - Moodle Quiz: categories and questions - video tutorial for teachers (only in Italian)

Step 3 - Moodle Quiz - Compose the Quiz - Tutorial for teachers (only in Italian)
Inserire formule in un quiz Moodle (only in Italian)

Moodle UniTrento channels