Respondus is a brand of secure software used for computer-based exams on the Moodle platform. This software can be used in two ways:

  • Locked browser
  • Locked browser + monitor proctoring system (for exams with at least 50 students) 

Exams that consist of closed or open-ended questions using Respondus software in both of the above formats will be administered via the Moodle exam platform.

Student must download and install the software on the computer (PC or laptop) they will use to take the exam. Neither tablets nor i-Pads can be used.

The software can be downloaded from:

Locked Browser

The locked browser function prevents students from accessing certain programs and blocks specific functions on their computer (Internet navigation, chats, right-clicking with a mouse, printing, etc.).

Read the Guidelines for Students and Professors - Respondus with Locked Browser

The Monitor Proctoring System

The Monitor Proctoring Monitor system records students’ behavior during the exam via their computer webcam.

The system records the session to permit detection of prohibited behavior during the exam (students looking around the room, standing up, walking away from the desk, being replaced by another person, picking up objects such as books, notes or a cell phone, talking to someone in the room or through other devices, opening programs on their computer, etc.).

The system performs a heuristic analysis of the recordings and provides the professor with an interpretation of each student’s behavior.

With this format monitoring takes place after the exam has ended and after the period of time necessary for an automated decoding and analysis of the collected data, which also depends on the duration of the exam session.

Read the Guidelines for Students and Professors - Respondus with Monitor

Technical guidelines and tutorials Respondus for students and teachers