Plagiarism Detection Software

The University of Trento has adopted the plagiarism detection software, which was chosen after a detailed study by a workgroup consisting of the Delegate for Open Access, the Legal Office, the Scientific Publications Office, the Research Registry, Publishing Services, and the Didattica OnLine section of Education and Student Services Management.

The program measures the similarities between the document being analysed and other documents present on the Internet.  Plagiarism is detected by determining the percentage of the student’s work that can be found on the Internet in the same form, indicating the sources of each copied passage. This does not necessarily mean that all texts identified have been copied.  However, the number of sources found on the internet is a good indicator of the originality of the work.
The objective of checking for plagiarism is not to punish the student concerned, but to raise students’ awareness of issues relating to copyright thus preventing further violations.  In other words, the goal is primarily to make students aware of the risk of committing unintentional plagiarism, through an educational approach.

To access the service, academic staff can use their University email address and password.
Didattica OnLine, together with the Information Systems Directorate, has created a widget that can be installed from the MyUnitn Widget Center, enabling academic staff to log in to the program directly from their University account.