Open digital badges

Over the last few years, the phenomenon of the so-called Open Digital Badges (ODB) has exploded. ODB are digital credentials, adhering to a new logic of tracking and acknowledgement of educational development in highly flexible contexts, both formal and informal. 
In a system of recognized validation, Open Digital Badges can be seen as a further response to the implementation of legislative decree no. 13 passed in 2013, which promotes the development of lifelong learning and lifewide learning.
The ODB are digital badges comprised of two parts: graphics and a part containing metadata, that specify the acquired skill, the method used to validate it, issuer information and the identity of the person who obtained it.
They are easily exportable on social platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and on websites, enabling badge holders to make their skills more visible.

Didattica Online designs and issues Open Digital Badges using the platform Bestr,  promoting skills acquired outside formal education, in formal and informal environments. 


ODB issued by UniTrento