Computer-Based Exams on Moodle Respondus – Locked Browser and Monitor

This format is designed for a large number of students (al least 50 students) to take written exams on their personal computers using the Moodle platform.

Monitoring takes place automatically through a system that blocks the main functions on the students' computers (locked browser and monitor) and observes their behavior through a webcam and an audio device. Students must install specialized software on their computer.

All students are responsible for respecting the general values and conduct stipulated in the Student Honour Code.

ATTENTION: A telephone support (0461 281027) is available during the exam in the Respondus Monitor format only if the professor has requested it by e-mail to Uff.didatticaonline [at], communicating the date and the exam time.


With this method students use their personal computer to take an exam utilizing Moodle. 

This type of exam is administered via the Online Exams  ("Esami online") platform through a system that:

  • prevents students from accessing certain programs and blocks specific functions on their computer (Internet navigation, chats, right-clicking with a mouse, printing, etc.)
  • monitors behavior through each student’s personal computer webcam to ensure that the student is not replaced by another person during the exam.
  • records the ambient audio to detect the presence of other people in the room. 

The system records the session to permit detection of prohibited behavior during the exam (students looking around the room, standing up, walking away from the desk, being replaced by another person, picking up objects such as books, notes or a cell phone, talking to someone in the room or through other devices, opening programs on their computer, etc.).

Once the exam is over, the professor will check the recording to verify the student’s identity and look for any incorrect behavior.

Recordings are kept until the exam results have been published.


A large number of students may participate in a single exam session since direct monitoring by the professor is not required.

Technology, Tools and Instructions for Professors

Online Exams: is the Moodle configuration used by the University of Trento for administering on-line exams, which can be used in combination with Respondus functions (locked browser and monitor). It is not possible to create on-line Moodle courses independently: it is necessary to contact Didattica On-Line to activate your exam sessions (see the paragraph below Before the Exam - Professors).

Technology, Tools and Instructions for Students

To take the exam students must:

  • use a personal computer with a webcam, microphone and speakers. Tablets, cell phones or other similar devices cannot be used. Headphones are not permitted
  • have a stable Internet connection
  • have a web browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
  • have one of the following operating systems: Windows: 10, 8, 7 Mac: MacOS 10.15 to 10.12, OS X 10.11, OSX 10.10
  • install the Respondus software on the computer they will use to take the exam (it can be downloaded using the link below or from the Online Exams webpage)
  • be in an area where the exam can be taken alone without interruptions or disturbances
  • sit at a stable desk preferably positioned in front of a wall
  • show a personal identity document via webcam at the beginning of the exam session

Before the Exam

Professors and students must complete certain tasks before the exam session.

Professors Must

  • Organize a brief informative meeting with Didattica On-Line preferably 3 weeks before the exam date to plan the process
  • Contact Didattica On-Line and request the activation of their course on Moodle - Online Exams. It is not possible to configure the course independently 
  • Provide the exam to be taken on the Moodle On-Line Exams platform at least two weeks before the exam date
  • Communicate to students:
    • the day and time of the exam using the usual channels (Esse3, Moodle bulletin board, e-mail)
    • the link to the platform
    • the link to this page with the guidelines that students must read before the exam.

Students Must

  • Register for the exam in Esse3
  • Read the guidelines on this page and the Student Honour Code
  • Make sure they have all the necessary software and equipment indicated in the above paragraph Technology, Tools and Instructions 
  • Do a simulation with Respondus at least one day before the exam: 
  • Connect to
  • Click on Access Exam Simulations with Respondus
  • Choose Exam With a Locked Browser and Monitor
  • Report any problems to the On-Line Classes and Exams Helpdesk
  • Periodically check for messages from the professor via the usual channels (Esse3, Moodle bulletin board, e-mail) regarding the date and time of the exam (which may differ from that indicated at the time of registration based on the actual number of students enrolled)

During the Exam

  • Before starting the exam, the students must place their desk or table preferably against a wall and find the best way to position their computer webcam in order to be clearly visible.
  • Cell phones can be turned on and used as a hot-spot if necessary but must remain out of reach.
  • To take the exam students must connect to the Online Exams platform: all exams active at that time are visible but each student can only access those exams for which they have registered in Esse3.
  • Students must access the exam proctoring platform Respondus and follow the recognition instructions: when the system asks for an identity card put the document in front of the webcam and show your photo, name, last name and date of birth.
  • For the entire duration of the exam:
    • no other people are permitted in the room
    • students may not leave their chair
    • the webcam and microphone must be turned on
    • avoid making any noise because the microphone and webcam are active
    • do not use any type of supplementary documents or technological equipment, except in cases where this is expressly permitted by the responsible professor or by the members of the examining commission
    • follow instructions given by the professor in order to ensure smooth and timely running of the exam 
    • if the connection is lost try to connect again immediately (the Moodle time will continue to run)
    • if the interruption lasts several minutes the professor can decide whether or not to cancel the     exam
  • After the allotted time students must send their exam and log out.

After the Exam

At the end of the exam the Moodle Respondus system processes the recordings of all students.

The processing times of the recordings depend on the duration of the exam. They are usually available within 24 h.

Professors can consult the recordings to:

  • Verify the identity of each student by comparing photos saved in the system
  • Check for any dishonest behavior.